A list of instructions will be taped to the front door with your name.  Remove and read thoroughly.  We follow the contactless self check in.  You will be given directions to your room. The key to your room is the door.  The key fob has my card inside with the door code and password.  Please wear a mask when other guests are present – except when sitting in the dining room.  

Feel free to call us at any time  850-933-0456.   Wine glasses and opener are in the dining room along with goodies and hot tea.  

Please use the hand sanitizer in the foyer often.  Maintain a six foot distance from other guests and staff who are not with you/your group at all times.  The house and porches are large enough to easily do this.  There is social distancing at breakfast of at least six to eight feet as well as outdoor seating.  Used dishes are not picked up so push these to center of table as they are all handled at once after breakfast.  Knock on the door for your first cup of coffee in the dining room.  We will serve you.  

There are wipes to use for the refrigerator and  microwave under the grand staircase.  

All rooms and contents have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.   Windows are opened during cleaning to provide fresh air ventilation throughout.     The house common areas are disinfected everyday as well.  

Adhering to the guidelines – we will not be coming into your room during your stay.  Please set used towels and trash outside your door – bags provided and we will pick up and leave some fresh towels.  Call or let us know if you need more supplies.    

In most cases we will not need your credit card at check out and you will be handed or email a paper receipt if you need.  

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